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COGS #2 by Z-GrimV
We are happy to announce the release of an improved API. After many years the api had become a little confusing and was not keeping up with changes to its backend systems. We therefore decided to redesign parts and fix some of the confusing naming and behaviour.

These changes are versioned so if you are using version prior to 20150416 there will be no change in behaviour, we plan to support the old api for around a year.

Summary of Changes

The folderid and stashid fields have been replaced by stackid and itemid respectively, this change applies to all endpoints.

These endpoints were removed and their functionality is provided by newer ones

  • /stash/folder
  • /stash/media
  • /stash/metadata
  • /stash/move/file
  • /stash/move/folder

New endpoints to manage stacks

  • POST /stash/move/{stackid} - moves stacks
  • POST /stash/position/{stackid} - change the position of a stack within a parent stack
  • POST /stash/update/{stackid} - update stack details (title, description)
  • GET /stash/{stackid} - fetch stack details, returns stash_metadata object
  • GET /stash/{stackid}/contents - list stack contents, supports pagination

New endpoints to manage items

  • GET /stash/item/{itemid} - fetch an item, returns stash_metadata object
  • POST /stash/delete - delete an item by itemid

Stash Metadata object

  • Renamed fields folderid and stashid
  • Removed is_folder
  • Replaced keywords with tags

Any problems can be reported on the GitHub Issue Tracker.

Header artwork: COGS #2 by Z-GrimV

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46 Members
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temporaryneko Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, my normal username is Neko-Ryuu, and I have been unsuccessful in trying to log in to that DA account for the past 2 days after being randomly logged out. I was wondering if you could fix this? I've tried changing passwords, but apparently that does nothing.
banks Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Hi, sorry to hear you are having issues. The best place to go for help with that is our helpdesk:

I'm sure you'll be back in in no time :)
brittleexistence Featured By Owner May 30, 2014

Hello I recently sent in a file in the wrong help section.

Recently you have seemed to shrink the amount of design space for Premium custom boxes; ID; Wishlist; and favorites.

I would like to show you that my one coded; 600 width image shrunk to a size of roughly; 200 pixels.

Please fix this; its bothering and limiting tons of design space.

If you don't belive me write a journal upon seeing whom has the issues; everyone is pestered with a new html format?

If you would like to update the site of course its up to you; but could you give the members (even the premium members) unlimited space (width wise) to customize their pages for visual attractions?

So far the donation box is the only widget in which lets you have unlimited space until of recent; its also shrunk.

If you could even make it possible to where the members would have a choice in which they could pick if they want a shrunk format of a wide range it would be a compromise to fit all needs! But alas, the people in which pay for the memberships; don't even have the range to expand their money to produce the reason why we're all here.

" To design a layout that fits the needs and desires of all ".

Also a common quote is; "The customer is always right".

Although i'm not trying to impose my will of demanding such a 'right' back, it would improve your views on the overall page.

Because people want freedom to design their page just like their art, and when that freedom is 'restricted' tensions arise.

And I would hate to advise others to not support this website; leave a bad review; and also stop my memberships on other accounts; and leave the site.

So once more, please take this into consideration to let the members have some kind of range with varying widths; seeings its bad enough your forcing us to 'complete our profile' if you want the long widget/notification to go away. So please, i'm begging you, give us the freedom to design our pages to out personal tastes.

And not your own preferences; seeing this is deviantART. 
Not devinatBLOCK.


brittleexistence Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
Hi; I sent a help message before but seeing it was 'ignored' i'm going to try again. 
Treasures-Of-Wisdom Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe someone else reported this, but there is a bug with trying to look at the Full View version of my favorites instead of the scroll-bar version.  For example, what should look like this:


Instead looks like this:


It's missing the colon after "http," and that makes the link unusable.
JAGTOONS Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
Very good!
Endorell-Taelos Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014   General Artist
For some reason I've been able to give out two llamas to the same person in a row. :paranoid: :lol:
Kishan-Bagaria Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
I did the same about a dozen times. =p
DJ-Telexture Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Hi, not reporting a bug, just suggesting something new. I'm a user who often favs a lot of art in one big hit, multiple times a day, and I was wondering if someone could place a small yellow star to the top of a thumbnail to show that you've already faved this piece. 

Say, I were to fav a piece from bloodkingowl, and a month later, I go through his gallery (and sometimes I forget if I've faved a piece and I go to fav it cause it something I liked), but then I see the little fav star icon and then it indicates that I've already faved, so it saves me a bit of time 

(and I could check by clicking the image and seeing if it was in my favourites, but this is mainly for fast browsing)

Is this suggestion able to go through? 

dAhub Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
There's a bug in the watch list display that emerged within the past month.  I've tried filing a help desk ticket, but the response I received was dismissive and did not take this issue seriously, so I'll post the bug here in the hopes a developer will see it.

When clicking the "Next" button on the watch list, the 500th page is continuously displayed, regardless of which page you are on past 500.  With groups that approach 100,000 watchers, this prevents access to half of the watchers in the group.  Here are some example screen shots:

There has been no announcement about a "500 page limit".  This feature has worked correctly for the past decade.  I really cannot fathom why this limit would suddenly be arbitrarily imposed, so this appears to be a mistake.  The "Next" button does not work as it should, so this is a bug with the site.

If someone could look into this, I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.
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